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Join our unicycle club!

Hello and welcome to VanUni!

We meet up for rides at least once a month, and are always happy to teach new riders.

Our rides are organized through our email group, and on Facebook. If you’d like to join our email group, head on over to the Google Group!

If you’d prefer to keep up to date with our meetups through Facebook, then like our Facebook Page, and join our Facebook Group!

We use the Facebook page to organize group rides & beginner lessons, and the Facebook Group is where we coordinate on when a ride might happen, or ask each other questions, or share stories about unicycling.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us via

On Saturday we all got together to build up some unicycles from all the spare parts that Kris donated to us. It was a great day and everyone learned something new about building a unicycle, from bleeding brakes, to building a wheel.

Here are a few photos from the day:

No more unicycle hockey until spring

Hey All,

Sadly we are going to have to cancel our Thursday night hockey games. The past few nights have not had the numbers to keep us going, and a few of the regulars are no longer able to come on Thursdays.

So, we won’t be meeting up on Thursday nights until the spring time, and we’ll see what the club wants at that time.

Perhaps a switch back to just the Science World weekly meetup is in order, and a monthly game at the Grandview Park polo court instead. The bigger court does make for a much more interesting game!

In the meantime happy riding!

Trail Day at Mt Seymour on April 5th

As we are fortunate to enjoy the trails of the North Shore, I thought it would be nice to give back a little by joining one of the NSMBA Trail Days (where your build and maintain the Moutain bike trails). I try to do it once in a while.

On Saturday April 5th morning, the NSMBA plans to work on Forever After trail’s maintenance. I will be going and thought maybe some of you might want to join too.
Meeting is at 8.30am on Hyannis Drive

Away for Moab Muni Fest

Many of the folks help make VanUni awesome are away down in the Moab desert riding on some of the slick rock and over the trails.

Sadly this means that we won’t be playing unicycle hockey tonight. We should be on again as normal next week!

Monocyclette – One Wheel Across Patagonia

Hey VanUni!!

On Feb 8th, I’ll be presenting my unicycle trip in South America as part of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

For those who didn’t know, from January to July 2013, I was riding from Ushuaia to Santiago de Chile, 4600km on one wheel.

The Cycle Travels Show of the VIMFF will be held at the Rio Theatre on Saturday February 8th, starting at 7.30pm (19+ adults only).

There will be 3 different presenters that evening, all from Vancouver, and with local friends for each of us I suspect the event will be sold out.

The full program of the Festival hasn’t been published yet but the info and tickets can be found here:

Hope to see you there,


P.s. For those who can’t make it that day but are interested in a presentation, let me know, I might hold another small committee event really soon.