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7 thoughts on “Forums

  1. erin

    hi. just wondering if you all still meet on Thursdays at science world or under the cambie bridge. I have 2 very enthusiastic young riders who love to ride with people who share their passion.

    1. tynan Post author

      Hi Erin,

      Unfortunately we don’t meet regurlarly on Thursday anymore, but we do organize rides regularly through our email group and we’d be thrilled to have your young riders along!


  2. Michael Englmann

    I had a Awesome ride with the guys during the recent Sea Wall ride. Thank you for the invite. I am interested in joining the group. However, I need a little help…… I tried to join the online site ( ) but failed miserably to figure it out. Can anyone help ?

    Michael Englmann

  3. Garett

    I also have been unable to join this forum. Please come up with something better. I wonder how many other local Unicycling enthusiasts in Vancouver have been unable to participate here.

  4. Garett

    Hi Tynan,

    I took a break from facebook, might be back in a few months or so. I am a big adult unicycling beginner and blew the tire out of my 19″ trials UNI. At maximum pressure I flatten the tire, so I over inflated it. I didn’t realize a tube for it was hard to find. I think I need a very strong 48 spoke uni that I can put in a high pressure tire I will not flatten. Grin has a couple listed on their site that might work. Tried to join the group through a Google account, hope that works.

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