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Hockey Photos from Unicon

Here are some photos of our hockey games in Montreal.

Representing Van Uni was: Tynan, Nick, Yves, Julien, Pippa, and Ryan who played with us in the Round Robin, but not in the Quarter Finals.

Thanks to Sue and Kevin for cheering us on, and to Sue for taking pictures. The gym was not the best lighting for photography, but we have some good pictures anyways… at least you can see how much fun we had. It was a little different from how we play outside here in Vancouver: full size, gym floor, big nets, and real umpires!

Science World meetup tomorrow, September 11

Hey, tomorrow is Thursday, which is of course unicycle day. This week is Science World week. I will be there on the seawall starting at 6:30pm. I’ll bring our assortment of spare unicycles.

Come out if you’re a beginner and you want to hang on to the railing, or if you want to practice your tricks, or just to hang out.