Beginner Unicycle Lessons at Science World

Join us this Sunday, August 19th 2018, for some beginner unicycle lessons on the seawall near Science World. We’ll be there from noon till 3pm, hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Beginner Unicycle Lessons at Science World

  1. Hawking

    Hi, unicycle club.
    My name is Hawking. I’m new to unicycle and unicycle is new to me. I learned about the club from a kind gentleman, Yossarian King, resently. I realized I have missed the beginner lesson when i read the time of post. I noticed the lesson is rare. But I want to start somewhere. Where should i start?

  2. tynan Post author

    Hi Hawking,

    Sorry to have missed ya! We meet up at least once a month, but we have gotten out of the habit of updating this website.

    If you are looking for a lesson, then please come along to one of our unicycle hockey games! We always bring a spare unicycle or two, and teach unicycling to anyone who comes along.

    Join our Google Group, or our Facebook Group, to find out when we’ll be meeting up next!

    Google Group:!forum/vanuni

    Facebook Group:

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