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Trail Day at Mt Seymour on April 5th

As we are fortunate to enjoy the trails of the North Shore, I thought it would be nice to give back a little by joining one of the NSMBA Trail Days (where your build and maintain the Moutain bike trails). I try to do it once in a while.

On Saturday April 5th morning, the NSMBA plans to work on Forever After trail’s maintenance. I will be going and thought maybe some of you might want to join too.
Meeting is at 8.30am on Hyannis Drive

Away for Moab Muni Fest

Many of the folks help make VanUni awesome are away down in the Moab desert riding on some of the slick rock and over the trails.

Sadly this means that we won’t be playing unicycle hockey tonight. We should be on again as normal next week!

Cool and breezy with a chance of Unicycle Hockey

Hey Folks,

Last week we had a fun filled 3 on 4 first period with the one and only Jonathan Neill showing us how a slap shot is meant to be done. A couple of us sadly dropped out a tad early due to colds and other obligations, but a mean 2 on 3 game was played by those left.

Tomorrow we will be at it again, playing unicycle hockey underneath the Cambie St. bridge at 6:30pm. We will have an extra unicycle for anyone who wonders by, and as usual we will enthusiastically greet any newcomers.

So come down, say hi, and play!

Who’s in?


February got you down?

If you are feeling a bit under the weather then you should pull up your socks and come play unicycle hockey with us!

We start at 6:30pm underneath the Cambie Bridge, downtown side, tonight (February 20th).

Hope  to see you out there!

P.s. As a bonus, here is a photo from Monday’s demo at BCIT:IMG_20140217_130607

Olympics!? Pffft… Let’s play Unicycle Hockey!

Whelp, last weekend was bitterly cold (for Vancouver), and this week looks like it’ll be a wet one. But true to our word we will be out there playing hockey.

Actually when it rains it usually guarantees us a full court, so really you should all be trying to make your way down under the Cambie Bridge this Thursday, February 13th, for some unicycle mayhem.

Last week both Justin and Cyrus braved the cold to hone their unicycle skills. I’m a bit worried about what’ll happen if we put them on the same team…

As always this is a beginner friendly event, I’ll bring along a spare unicycle and sticks (no cart this week), and we are more than happy to give lessons and pointers, so come down and say hello!

Happy riding,