On Saturday we all got together to build up some unicycles from all the spare parts that Kris donated to us. It was a great day and everyone learned something new about building a unicycle, from bleeding brakes, to building a wheel.

Here are a few photos from the day:


Beginners lessons and unicycle hockey this Saturday, Jan 31st

The weather is nice and we are going to get out and enjoy it! This Saturday in the Grandview Park bicycle polo court on Commercial Drive we will be giving unicycle lessons and playing a game of unicycle hockey. So if you’ve been curious about the club then Saturday is the perfect day to come out!

We’ll be there from 12 until 2, give me a shout if you need more information.

No more unicycle hockey until spring

Hey All,

Sadly we are going to have to cancel our Thursday night hockey games. The past few nights have not had the numbers to keep us going, and a few of the regulars are no longer able to come on Thursdays.

So, we won’t be meeting up on Thursday nights until the spring time, and we’ll see what the club wants at that time.

Perhaps a switch back to just the Science World weekly meetup is in order, and a monthly game at the Grandview Park polo court instead. The bigger court does make for a much more interesting game!

In the meantime happy riding!

Beginner friendly Muni on Saturday Nov 1st at SFU, Unicycle hockey on Oct 30th

Last time was so much fun, let’s do it again!
Meeting Saturday nov 1st at 11am at the parking spot https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zwelbc_pecy4.kGEXtrovpIAY

Looks like the 24″ are in high demand, if some people have spare ones to lend, that would be appreciated but people who have a 20″ with fat tire might have to use that because I only have 2 spare myself (neededby Pippa, Sophie and Anais if they’re coming)

We’ll also be playing unicycle hockey underneath the Cambie St Bridge, downtown side, at 6:30pm on October 30th. Good fun and beginner friendly.

Let us know if you’re in!

Hockey Photos from Unicon

Here are some photos of our hockey games in Montreal.

Representing Van Uni was: Tynan, Nick, Yves, Julien, Pippa, and Ryan who played with us in the Round Robin, but not in the Quarter Finals.

Thanks to Sue and Kevin for cheering us on, and to Sue for taking pictures. The gym was not the best lighting for photography, but we have some good pictures anyways… at least you can see how much fun we had. It was a little different from how we play outside here in Vancouver: full size, gym floor, big nets, and real umpires!